What We Offer Doctors, Patients and Their Families

Our goal is to help improve outcomes in difficult to treat cancers

Our Company is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their doctors make important decisions about the management of their disease. We develop diagnostic tests in disease areas where there is a vast need for tumor-specific information to help doctors better understand their patient’s metastatic risk, or whether the standard treatment is appropriate for them.

We offer molecular tests, based on an individual’s tumor biology, to personalize care and potentially improve outcomes in the following diseases:

Uveal Melanoma

Up to half of the patients who have this rare eye cancer will ultimately develop fatal metastases, so monitoring and follow-up after eye surgery are critical. The prognostic test, DecisionDx™-UM, is a highly accurate predictor of metastatic risk. It is being used by the majority of ocular oncologists to individualize their patients’ care plans after surgery with the hopes of earlier detection and intervention. Learn More

Cutaneous Melanoma

About 60,000 people are diagnosed each year with early stage, non-metastatic melanoma. While traditional staging provides valuable prognostic information, it does miss many Stage I and II patients who will go on to develop aggressive metastatic disease. DecisionDx™-Melanoma is designed to identify those at high risk, enabling their doctors to potentially “upstage” them for more aggressive treatment than they would have received. Learn More

Only a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner can order Castle Biosciences’ diagnostic and prognostic tests.