Your tumor biology matters.

DecisionDx-SCC is a genomic test that looks at the tumor biology of your squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the skin to better understand the risk of your cancer spreading to other parts of your body. 


Individualized risk information: An introduction to DecisionDx-SCC

Discover how DecisionDx-SCC helped a patient avoid radiation therapy

Dr. David Cotter, MD, PhD, Dermatologist Las Vegas Dermatology shares what he finds most valuable about utilizing DecisionDx-SCC to personalize care for his high-risk SCC patients.

If you are interested in joining a private online community for patients, caregivers, and clinicians, where those impacted by non-melanoma skin cancer (like squamous cell carcinoma) can ask questions, share experiences, and discover the latest information about treatments, advances, and cutting-edge research, please click the following link to explore and join Skin Cancer Champions

The only genomic test available for high-risk squamous cell carcinoma patients

Talk to your doctor to determine if the DecisionDx-SCC test is right for you.