Your tumor biology matters.

DecisionDx-Melanoma is a prognostic test for patients diagnosed with Stage I – III cutaneous melanoma. Our test looks at your tumor biology to predict the risk of your melanoma spreading or coming back.

Be your own advocate: Morgan England, stage III melanoma survivor, shares her story

As a Stage III Melanoma survivor, Morgan speaks on how important it is to be your own advocate. After her diagnosis, she requested the DecisionDx-Melanoma test from her doctor for the additional information it can provide. The results she received from her DecisionDx-Melanoma test report continue to help reduce her anxiety and provide confidence about her future.

Hear how physicians use DecisionDx-Melanoma

Aaron Farberg, MD describes how DecisionDx-Melanoma provides value for his patients

The only prognostic test to be associated with improved patient survival4 and covered by Medicare.

Talk to your doctor to determine if the DecisionDx-Melanoma test is right for you.


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