Scientific Evidence

An extensively-researched approach for risk stratification

DecisionDx-Melanoma is strongly evidenced in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and has been studied in more than 10,000 patients. In these studies, DecisionDx-Melanoma consistently outperforms traditional staging alone in a variety of melanoma patient cohorts.

Strongly evidenced


patients studied


peer-reviewed publications 

2 meta-analyses 

representing the largest body of data for cutaneous melanoma (CM) prognostic test

Trusted in practice


DecisionDx-Melanoma has been ordered more than 146,000 times for patients diagnosed with cutaneous melanoma (through September 30, 2023)


healthcare professionals have ordered the test for CM


technical success rate in 53,000+ clinical samples

DecisionDx-Melanoma and NCI collaboration delivers real-world data

Castle Biosciences partners with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in an ongoing collaboration to link DecisionDx-Melanoma testing data with data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program’s registries on cutaneous melanoma cases. This helps us put our test results into perspective with current standards and to learn where it is most beneficial to patients.

Scientific collaborators sit around a desk discussing real world data
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