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Your skin cancer care starts with personalized testing

With the results of our DecisionDx-SCC test, you and your doctor can make informed, personalized decisions based on your unique tumor profile.

DecisionDx-SCC: For patients with high-risk SCC

For patients with SCC and one or more high-risk factors, DecisionDx-SCC is the only genomic test proven to predict the risk of metastasis. Here, you can learn about the testing process, what you can expect from test results, hear from patients, see FAQs and more.

How DecisionDx-SCC helps personalize your care

DecisionDx-SCC test identifies the risk of squamous cell tumors spreading, better than traditional risk assessments alone. Test results can be used with established methods, for an even more precise risk prediction. DecisionDx-SCC provides unique insights for squamous cell skin cancer management. Your healthcare provider will use your test results (in combination with other information and procedures) to plan your treatment and ongoing management.

DecisionDx-SCC test result provides a genomic-based determination of your tumor’s likelihood to metastasize within the next three years. The test measures the activity of specific genes in your tumor, providing a result of low (Class 1), higher (Class 2A), or highest (Class 2B) biological risk of metastasis. DecisionDx-SCC provides you and your healthcare provider with an independent classification that is personal to your squamous cell skin cancer.

The test helps personalize your treatment plan. DecisionDx-SCC delivers precision patient classification, complementing commonly used traditional risk factors and improves risk assessment.1

Why choose DecisionDx-SCC genomic testing?


The only test proven to accurately identify the risk of metastasis for SCC patients with one or more high-risk factors


>20,000 patients have received DecisionDx-SCC results that have helped guide physician decision making


The DecisionDx-SCC test delivers results that are specific to an individual's tumor biology, leading to personalized and precise treatment plans

Is the DecisionDx-SCC test right for you?

The DecisionDx-SCC test may be right for you if:

  • You've been recently diagnosed with cutaneous SCC
  • You have been identified as having one or more high-risk factors

Testing process

The DecisionDx-SCC test is performed on the tissue that has already been collected by your clinician. That tissue is tested to measure cancer-related genes that can provide insights into your unique tumor and the risk of it spreading to other parts of your body.

Talking to your doctor

SCC sample report

SCC patient discussion guide

What to expect from the results

Timing test results will be available to doctor (from time tissue arrives at lab), what the results provide (class level), and what that class level means

Example of how treatment might look like for each class level.

Graphic of a DecisionDx SCC test report