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DecisionDx-UM accurately predicts the risk of your eye cancer spreading

One of the primary challenges for healthcare providers in managing uveal melanoma is predicting the potential for the disease to spread.

Fortunately, patients today have access to the DecisionDx-UM gene expression profile (GEP) test, which predicts a patient’s risk based upon their tumor’s own unique biology. The test was developed by ocular oncologist Dr. J. William Harbour, currently at UT Southwestern Medical Center, and exclusively licensed to Castle Biosciences Inc.

DecisionDx-UM uses tumor biology to more accurately predict the risk of your cancer recurring or spreading

DecisionDx-UM is the most widely used prognostic test in uveal melanoma in the U.S. It is used to predict risk of a patient’s tumor spreading in five years. Several studies published in peer-reviewed journals, including Melanoma Management and Ocular Oncology and Pathology found that the DecisionDx-UM test has a significant impact on the management of uveal melanoma. Ophthalmologists report that they are more likely to increase frequency of disease monitoring or recommend clinical trials for those patients whose test results showed they were at high risk of metastasis.

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Genomic testing adoption by healthcare professionals

Since its availability in 2009, over 16,000 patients have been clinically tested with DecisionDx-UM, making it the most widely used uveal melanoma prognostic test in the US. To date, more than 300 healthcare providers have used DecisionDx-UM to help guide the management of their patient's cancer.

Over 16,000 patients tested since 2009. More than 300 healthcare providers have ordered DecisionDx-UM.

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Discussion guide for patients: "DecisionDx-UM: Will My Uveal Melanoma Spread?"
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