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Leveraging advanced technologies for innovative tests

We believe disease management and treatment decisions can be best be informed through a person’s unique biology, which is revealed through the scientific rigor of our innovative assays that aid healthcare providers in improving patient outcomes.

Our tests characterize an individual patient’s tissue biology to inform key clinical questions such as:

  1. specific prognosis of tumor development;
  2. risk of death
  3. risk of metastasis or recurrence of cancer
  4. medication selection

Our tests are also used to aid in the decision-making process of the treating clinician and their patient to help optimize health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

As diseases are biologically complex, developing accurate products takes scientific diligence, stringent clinical protocols, machine learning expertise, proprietary algorithms, and significant contributions from our talented team. Once successfully developed and validated, we generate ongoing evidence such as clinical use documentation to support integration of our tests into clinical practice.

We currently market five proprietary MAAA tests: DecisionDx-Melanoma, DecisionDx-SCC, MyPath Melanoma, DecisionDx-UM and TissueCypher Barrett’s Esophagus. We also offer our proprietary pharmacogenomic test, IDgenetix, to guide optimal drug selection for patients diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

The accuracy of each product in our portfolio is typically supported by multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals following completion of the initial clinical validation studies. Also, multiple clinical impact studies have demonstrated a significant impact on clinician decisions to alter their treatment plan when the results of our tests are considered in concert with the traditional clinical and pathology factors.


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