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Our Approach

A focus on transforming disease management

Our approach to product development starts by identifying areas of unmet clinical need where precision medicine could significantly improve disease staging and/or patient care decisions. We first focus on confirming the clinical challenges of these unmet needs, and then look for opportunities where current staging or standards of care do not sufficiently identify patient risk, or in areas where a patient’s biology can provide additional, actionable information to help guide treatment decisions.

Leveraging advanced technologies for innovative tests

Using our expertise in advanced technologies – such as genomics, spatialomics and pharmacogenomics, data analytics and artificial intelligence – we dig deep into treatment pathways to develop clinically actionable tests that improve, and potentially transform, the management of diseases and patient outcomes.

Diseases are biologically complex and thus, it takes scientific diligence, stringent clinical protocols, machine learning expertise, proprietary algorithms and the significant expertise of our world-class R&D team to develop highly accurate and actionable tests. Our laboratories operate under CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory conditions, and we partner closely with academic researchers to complete multi-center clinical studies designed to validate the clinical utility and accuracy of our tests.

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To date, we’ve successfully commercialized innovative tests that are helping patients with diseases that have high unmet clinical needs, including cancer, Barrett's esophagus and mental health conditions. As we continue our active research and development programs, our goal is to truly transform disease management and continue to improve health through innovative tests that guide patient care.

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