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Process & Results

DiffDx Melanoma

Don’t settle for ambiguity

DiffDx-Melanoma easily integrates into your diagnostic process. Ordering and obtaining results are straightforward. A new biopsy is not required.

Demonstrated diagnostic performance

Accuracy metrics

DecisionDx DiffDx-Melanoma provides a highly accurate and objective evaluation resulting in a benign or malignant result in >96% of lesions receiving a test result.

99.1% Sensitivity 95% Cl: 97.9-100 94.3% Specificity 95% Cl: 91.5-97.1 93.6% PPV 95% Cl: 90.5-96.7
99.2% NPV 95% Cl: 98.1-100 3.6% Intermediate Risk

Diagnostic goals in sharper resolution

  • Create a clinically actionable pathology report in more cases
  • Inform more appropriate management plans for dermatologists and their patients
  • Obtain diagnostic confidence: Your patient is receiving a diagnosis aided by objective and dependable gene expression analysis
  • Provide your patient with a more clinically actionable diagnosis
  • Implement more appropriate patient management plans
  • Enhance clinical confidence: your patient is receiving the appropriate treatment based on a clinically validated, objective evaluation
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