How It Works 

Enables accurate determination of metastatic risk

The DecisionDx-UM test identifies the molecular signature of an individual’s primary tumor and its likelihood of metastasis within five years. Specifically, the assay determines the activity or “expression” of 15 genes to determine a patient’s individual risk, or class.

DecisionDx-UM test results

Class 1A

Low Risk

Class 1A patients are at a low risk of metastasis, with just a 2% chance of the eye cancer spreading over the next five years. Recommendation may be a less frequent monitoring program to screen for metastasis, which might include bloodwork, office visit(s) and/or imaging such as X-ray, ultrasound, CT/PET or MRI.

Class 1B

Intermediate Risk

Class 1B patients have a 21% risk of metastasis over five years. These patients may need to be monitored more closely.

Class 2

High Risk

Class 2 patients have a 72% risk of metastasis over five years. Class 2 patients may also be recommended referral to a medical oncologist for preventive treatment and to review clinical trial opportunities. Results from genomic testing such as DecisionDx-UM may help determine whether or not patients qualify for such trials as they become available.

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