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Gene Expression Profiling

Understanding gene expression profiling to guide clinical management decisions

Gene expression profiling (GEP) is a laboratory testing method that assays mRNA expression patterns in a selected group of genes in pathways associated with tumor behavior such as proliferation and metastasis. GEP measures which genes are being expressed in a cell at any given moment.

Understanding the expression levels of certain genes for a specific type of cancer helps to create a molecular portrait of the cancer. This information can provide a deeper understanding of the biology of a tumor, which can vary from patient to patient, and can be utilized in several ways: to diagnose a disease or condition, understand response to therapy, or to provide prognostic information. In the case of testing offered by Castle Biosciences, DecisionDx-Melanoma, DecisionDx-SCC, MyPath Melanoma and DecisionDx-UM GEP tests provide important prognostic and diagnostic information that can be used to guide risk-aligned clinical management decisions.

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