Frequently Asked Questions

No. Only healthcare professionals (physician, physician assistants, or nurse practitioner) can order a test from Castle Biosciences. If you need help finding a healthcare professional who can order the test for you, please contact our customer service team at 866-788-9007 or email us..

Castle Biosciences operates clinical laboratories in Phoenix and Pittsburgh. The Company’s laboratories are College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified, reflecting the Company’s commitment to high-quality standards and excellence in patient care. Castle's laboratories are licensed to perform tests throughout the United States.

Castle Biosciences works with all insurance providers, including Medicare, commercial insurers, and the VA, to secure payment coverage for tests. Castle will submit insurance claims and manage the insurance billing process on behalf of patients. The company also sponsors an industry-leading Patient Assistance Program with the belief that quality care should not depend on financial considerations.

Molecular diagnostic testing is a fast-growing field, so your healthcare professional may not know about all of the tests that are now available. If your healthcare professional is interested in more information, please ask them to contact us at 866-788-9007.

Please call our customer service staff at 866-788-9007 or email.

DecisionDx-Melanoma provides you and your healthcare professional with personalized information to help inform decisions about your follow-up management and care plan. The test identifies the likelihood that your tumor could recur or spread within the next five years. For most patients eligible for a sentinel lymph node biopsy, the test can also provide information to help make decisions about this surgical procedure. This information should be helpful for you and your healthcare professional to decide on a treatment plan. Your care team will incorporate the DecisionDx-Melanoma results based on your individual situation, together with results from other tests and procedures.

Your healthcare professional (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) needs to order the test for you. The test can also be requested via an online portal.

The laboratory will send a report with the test results to your healthcare professional within approximately 5 days after receiving the tumor sample in our laboratory.