On Demand Education

Incorporating DecisionDx-Melanoma into Clinical Practice: Molecular Information for Personalized Management Decisions

Darrell S. Rigel, MD, FAAD Clinical Professor of Dermatology New York University Grossman Medical School


Gene Expression Profiling: A Diagnostic Ancillary Test To Aid In The Diagnosis Of Melanocytic Lesions

Dr. Barry White shares cases of challenging melanocytic lesions in which gene expression profiling (GEP) was utilized to inform the diagnosis when histopathological findings were insufficient to render a definitive diagnosis

Barry White

Utility of GEP in Difficult to Diagnose Melanocytic Lesions

Dr. Drazen Jukic presents challenging cases in which gene expression profiling (GEP) was utilized to inform the diagnosis of ambiguous melanocytic lesions.

Drazen Jukic

DermPath on Demand: Utility of Gene Expression Profiling in Melanocytic Lesions

Clay Cockerell, M.D.


Learn About Castle’s Comprehensive Diagnostic Offering

Our suite of highly accurate tests for melanocytic lesions of uncertain potential increases diagnostic confidence and enables better clinical management plans for patients. Learn the essentials from this comprehensive introduction by Matthew Goldberg, MD, Medical Director for Castle Biosciences.

Matthew Goldberg, MD

DecisionDx-Melanoma: Predicting Individualized Risk of Recurrence

31-GEP: Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Guidance

John Vetto, MD, FACS


Castle Biosciences - Revolutionizing Gene Expression Profiling in Clinical Management of Dermatologic Cancers

Aarron Farberg, MD, FAAD Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas TX


Use of a Genomic-based Prognostic Tool to Inform Clinical Decisions for Patients with Cutaneous Melanoma

This activity is designed to address the following core and team competencies: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Practice-based learning and improvement, Interprofessional Collaboration, and Roles & Responsibilities.

Shannon Trotter, DO, Oakview Dermatology, Joseph Michael Guenther, MD, St. Elizabeth Physicians

CME/CE: (Credit Expiration Date: July 31st, 2021)