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Don't let fear define your journey: a uveal melanoma patient journey

Danet didn’t let fear of the unknown define her uveal melanoma journey. Hear how Castle Biosciences DecisionDx-UM test impacted her treatment.

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Mary F. – Marking “Cancerversaries”

Since her diagnosis with uveal melanoma in September 2013, life looks very different for Mary Judy French. 

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Mary D. – Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

Mary sat in disbelief. How could that small dot in her eye, the one her doctor had called a “freckle” just twelve years ago, now be a malignant tumor?

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Peter L. – The Test of Time

It was just two days before the radiation treatment of his uveal melanoma, or eye cancer. 

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Jerry W. – A Second Chance for Jerry

He just knew he was going to die. In September 2009, Jerry W., a retired GM employee, was diagnosed with uveal melanoma. His entire world collapsed.

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A life-changing prognosis of uveal melanoma: Kevin’s story

After being diagnosed with uveal (or ocular) melanoma, Kevin was directed to explore the benefits and indications of Castle Biosciences' DecisionDx-UM gene expression profile (GEP) test, which predicts a patient’s risk based upon their tumor’s own unique biology. The findings of the test, Kevin says, "were of huge importance to myself and my family. They put me at rest and we could all move on. The Castle's uveal melanoma prognostic platform can truly be life-changing."

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Katherina Alsina, PhD - Castle Biosciences Genomic Testing for Uveal Melanoma