Scientific Evidence

Economic Evaluation of Implementing a Novel Pharmacogenomic Test (IDgenetix®) to Guide Treatment of Patients with Depression and/or Anxiety

Nov 2017

IDgenetix, a novel pharmacogenomic test, has been shown to improve outcomes by predicting the likelihood of response to different psychotherapeutic medications.

Author: Najafzadeh M, et al.

Publication: Pharmacoeconomics

Pharmacogenetics-guided analgesics in major abdominal surgery: Further benefits within an enhanced recovery protocol

Mar 2017

Pharmacogenetics guidance resulted in frequent modifications of the analgesic program, resulting in excellent analgesia with a 50% reduction in narcotic consumption, and a reduced incidence of analgesic related side effects compared to our standard ERP.

Author: Senagore A, et al.

Publication: The American Journal of Surgery

Contribution of Pharmacogenetic Testing to Modeled Medication Change Recommendations in a Long-Term Care Population with Polypharmacy

Dec 2016

Among long-term care facility residents, polypharmacy is common, and often appropriate, given the need to treat multiple, complex, chronic conditions. Polypharmacy has, however, been associated with increased healthcare costs, adverse drug events, and drug interactions. The current study evaluates the potential medication cost savings of adding personalized pharmacogenetic information to traditional medication management strategies.

Author: Sugarman E, et al.

Publication: Drugs Aging

CYP2D6 copy number distribution in the US population

Feb 2016

CYP2D6 copy number variations may account for the single most impactful genetic anomaly as it relates to pharmacogenetic directed therapies.

Author: Beoris M, et al.

Publication: Pharmacogenetics and Genomics

Initial assessment of the benefits of implementing pharmacogenetics into the medical management of patients in a long-term care facility

Jan 2016

The evolution of pharmacogenetics has provided clinicians with a valuable tool that allows for a smarter, more fine-tuned approach to treating patients for a number of clinical conditions.

Author: Saldivar J, et al.

Publication: Pharmgenomics Pers Med.

The economic burden of adults with major depressive disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010)

Feb 2015

Author: Greenberg, et al.

Publication: J Clin Psychiatry