Scientific Evidence

Diagnostic discordance among histopathological reviewers for difficult-to- diagnose melanocytic lesions

Jan 2024

Author: Hosler G, et al.

Publication: Poster, presented at the 2024 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference - Hawaii®, Honolulu, Hawaii, January 12-17, 2024

Performance of the 23-gene expression profile (23-GEP) test by histopathological evaluation in an independent, multi-center performance cohort of cutaneous melanocytic neoplasms

Nov 2023

Accuracy data in an independent, multi-center cohort of 2512 melanocytic lesions

Author: Goldberg M, et al.

Publication: Skin

Asymmetrical pigmented lesion with high clinical suspicion for melanoma

Jun 2023

A 27-year-old female patient was seen by a primary care physician who recommended follow-up with a dermatologist for assessment of a concerning melanocytic lesion.

Multi-colored lesion with uncertain malignant potential

Jun 2023

Conflicting clinical and histopathological findings are resolved with the use of GEP test results.

Irregular papule with atypical histopathological findings and borderline/uncertain diagnosis

Jun 2023

Definitive diagnosis cannot be reached in an irregular, raised papule on the dorsal foot.

Atypical melanocytic proliferation on sensitive preauricular check

Jun 2023

Histopathological assessment of a melanocytic lesion on the check could not definitively rule out melanoma leading to the use of GEP prior to determining surgical management.

Abnormally pigmented lesion with uncertain malignant potential

Jun 2023

With benign GEP results, dermatopathologist adjusts diagnosis to a benign neoplasm and patient avoids re-excision.

Clinical use of a diagnostic gene expression signature for melanocytic neoplasms

May 2021

Patients managed in accordance with a benign 23-GEP result, including forgoing re-excision, reported no adverse events during the follow-up period.

Author: Tschen J, et al.

Publication: Cutis

Clinical validity of a gene expression signature in diagnostically uncertain neoplasms

Jun 2020

A retrospective study demonstrating high diagnostic accuracy of the 23-GEP in diagnostically uncertain cases when evaluated against clinical outcomes.

Author: Clarke L, et al.

Publication: Personalized Medicine

Correlation of melanoma gene expression score with clinical outcomes on a series of melanocytic lesions

Apr 2019

Clinical validation study of the 23-GEP in lesions with clinical outcomes and follow-up data.

Author: Ko J, et al.

Publication: Human Pathology

Gene expression signature as an ancillary method in the diagnosis of desmoplastic melanoma

Dec 2017

Assessment of the sensitivity and specificity of 23-GEP in melanocytic lesions with a desmoplastic component.

Author: Clarke LE, et al.

Publication: Human Pathology

Diagnostic distinction of malignant melanoma and benign nevi by a gene expression signature and correlation to clinical outcomes

Jul 2017

Large outcomes-proven validation cohort establishes high levels of sensitivity and specificity in melanomas with proven distant metastasis and nevi with 6+ years of event free follow-up.

Author: Ko J, et al.

Publication: Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention