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IDgenetix pharmacogenetic testing

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IDgenetix is a cheek swab test. To use this test, a clinician must order a kit. The DNA sample can be collected at home or in the clinician's office. After consultation with the patient, the clinician orders the test. When a test is ordered, current medications need to be provided on the requisition form along with lifestyle and environmental factors such as smoking, alcohol intake, select foods or herbal medications, that can impact drug metabolism.

What to expect from IDgenetix testing

Step 1

Register and order a test

After initial consultation between the patient and clinician, the IDgenetix test kit can be sent to the clinician's office or directly to the patient's home.

Step 2

Collect and send DNA sample

The patient does a saliva swab, and their DNA sample is then sent to our CLIA certified, CAP-accredited and NY state approved laboratory. There, the sample is processed through our bioinformatics platform, which generates an IDgenetix test report.

Step 3

Review report and guide medications

Our personalized seven-page report is available to review 3-5 days after lab sample receipt.

Taking the IDgenetix test

IDgenetix sample collection kits can be sent to the clinician’s office or to the patient’s home. The DNA sample used in the genetic analysis can be collected at home or in the clinician's office. Once the patient’s DNA sample is received at our CLIA certified, CAP-accredited and NY state approved laboratory, it is processed through Castle Biosciences bioinformatics platform, which generates an IDgenetix test report. The report will be provided to clinician 3-5 days after sample receipt.

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DNA sample collection instructions

Collect DNA sample

  • Rinse mouth with water 3 times
  • Insert the swab between cheek and gums and press the nylon tip against the inside of your cheek
  • Vigorously scrub the swab tip across the both inner cheeks for 30 seconds (similarly to brushing your teeth).
  • Allow sample to air dry for 1 minute
  • Return swab to protective pouch

Label sample

  • Provide the necessary information (patient name and date of birth) on barcode sticker "A".
  • Place the sticker on the swab pouch.
  • For at-home sample collection, please review and sign the patient consent form.

Ship sample

  • Place the collected sample and all forms into the collection kit box. 
  • Ship the collection kit box within 24 hours of sample collection using the prepaid FedEx label.
  • Note to Physicians: We encourage using our clinician ordering portal, however for hand-written orders, remember to place barcode sticker "B" on the Test Requisition Form (TRF) and include insurance forms when sending back the test kit.

IDgenetix test report results

The IDgenetix test report is broken out into 3 main sections:

  • The IDgenetix test report shows medications that are either “Use as Directed” or “Use with Caution and/or Increased Monitoring”. The test report is separated by disease states such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Pain. Clinicians can quickly identify which conditions are most relevant to inform medication choices.
  • The Pharmacogenetic testing report displays genes, genetic variants analyzed, and the patient’s genetic variant result.
  • The last page of the test report is the summary and comment section. It explains the key terms like “Use as Directed” or “Use as Caution”, the acronyms discussed, and genetic variations’ impact on medication choices.

The IDgenetix report includes:

  • Personalized recommendations for patient treatment
    Identifies medications that may be used as directed and those that should be used with caution or increased monitoring.
  • Guidance based on patient’s gene, drug, and lifestyle factors:
    • Metabolic Phenotype: The report provides a patient’s metabolic phenotype, which reflects how rapidly a patient metabolizes different medicines.
    • Drug-Gene Interactions: The report also provides the genotype of the patient for genes that can interact with drugs
    • Drug-Drug Interactions: Reports potential interactions with the patient’s current medications and lifestyle factors, as well as 127 medications evaluated in the test panel

Interpreting the IDgenetix report

How much does an IDgenetix test cost?

$0 out of pocket

Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid

$330 or less out of pocket

Commercial insurance and out of network plans

Contact us if uninsured

Contact Us to learn more about assistance programs

Medicare covers the cost of the IDgenetix test for these indications: Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, OCPD, Panic Disorder, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Social Phobia

In-Network claims are subject to applicable co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts. IDgenetix is in-network with the MultiPlan Network; your insurance provider/insurance ID card will indicate the specific network (i.e., MultiPlan, PHCS, Beech Street, AMN/HMN/RAN, IHP or ValuePoint).

The Castle commitment

Castle Biosciences is committed to providing high-quality molecular testing to all patients. We do not want financial concerns to be a barrier to patients accessing critical healthcare information. We will work with all insurance providers, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurers, and Veterans Affairs (VA), to secure payment coverage for our testing.
For those who may need additional assistance with their Castle test, we offer a comprehensive patient assistance program to all patients.
If you have any question, please contact us by calling 866-788-9007, option 3 or send an email.

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