Practice Integration

IDgenetix pharmacogenetic testing

Personalized mental health treatment

Matching medications to individual patients through trial and error can be a lengthy process. Many people have genetic variations that can change the way drugs are metabolized and those who are on multiple medications may experience drug-drug interactions.

As a result of this complexity, finding a safe, effective medication can take months or years. And when it comes to mental health care, time is critical. IDgenetix is an advanced pharmacogenomic test that provides comprehensive tailored guidance for neuropsychiatric medication selection and management to help patients achieve a response or reach remission faster.

Making PGx testing easy

Here are resources that make it easy to integrate IDgenetix into your practice

IDgenetix Test Report

The IDgenetix test report personalizes medication choices by helping to identify treatment options that are likely to be effective.

Download a Sample Report

Request Test Kit

IDgenetix test sample kits can be shipped or personally delivered to your clinic or office by visiting the clinician ordering portal and following the instructions, or email a kit request. 

Castle's team is available to help coordinate logistics when needed.

Step 1

Clinician Portal

Our online portal offers an efficient way to access patient test information 24/7, easy uploading of all supporting documents, email notifications when a new patient report is available, and results within 3-5 business days of sample receipt.

Clinician Ordering Portal 

Medication List

Our proprietary PGx testing includes 127 medications and 26 drug classes in 10 disease indications. Our drug list can help you quickly identify all the medications that are included in the report. 

Customer Service

IDgenetix offers exceptional customer service and you can reach us at 866-788-9007 option 1 or by email, or speak to your local IDgenetix account manager to set up an appointment, register an online account and request IDgenetix sample collection kits.

High standards for IDgenetix test development and privacy


  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • PGx Testing is performed by state-licensed clinical laboratory scientists
  • HIPAA compliant storage of all protected healthcare information (PHI)
  • IDgenetix is a CLIA certified, CAP-accredited and NY state approved Molecular Pharmacogenomics Clinical Laboratory. IDgenetix PGx Testing is offered in all 50 states.